Riding Theory Test in Singapore

Riding Theory Test Singapore

If you've decided to learn how to ride a bike in Singapore, you might be looking for the best way to take your Riding Theory Test. In this article, you'll find information about the RTT (Riding Theory Test), its Prerequisites, Cost, and Transition Period. You'll also find useful tips to prepare for your BTT. Learn more about Riding Theory Test.


There are a few pre-requisites you must meet before attempting the riding theory test. The first prerequisite is that you must have completed the basic theory lessons. The theory lessons are usually computer-based, but you may find that some lessons are redundant or even unnecessary. Once you've passed the theory test, you can start taking practical lessons. Those lessons will consist of road riding and obstacle courses in a circuit. These lessons are taught in a methodical fashion, with the student working through the lessons in order. Only after satisfying the prerequisites of each lesson, can they move on to the next.

Having a valid driving licence in Singapore is essential for driving a motorcycle or motor car with manual gearing. The BTT is a multiple-choice test that can be taken at an official test center. Some of the questions are oddly-worded, so you should be prepared to read the questions carefully. You should also be aware that your results aren't communicated over the phone.


If you are planning to take the driving theory test in Singapore, you can find an affordable and convenient option online. The cost of taking the test depends on the school you choose and the number of lessons you need. The most affordable option is BBDC, which charges $173 for tuition. However, if you want to take practical lessons, you may need to pay an additional $7. In total, you'll need around 20 lessons to pass the test.

The price of the test may put off some people. Moreover, the testing process can be expensive, which may deter them from buying a helmet. In Singapore, safety standards for motorcycle helmets are developed in consultation with the industry and are aligned with the requirements of the Snell and ECE. However, Singapore has additional requirements, such as the penetration test, to ensure that helmets are secure and effective even after hitting a sharp object.

Transition period

The Land Transport Authority will provide a six-month transition period for riders to prepare for the theory test. During this time, riders will have two chances to pass the test before it is enforced. The tests will be conducted online and will be available in four official languages. Riders who are illiterate or less digitally savvy can request for special provisions.

The Riding Theory Test is required to drive a motorbike or an e-scooter in Singapore. The test is 40 multiple-choice questions and requires about 30 minutes to complete. The passing score is 80 per cent. Once you pass the test, you can ride your bike on the dedicated paths.

Lessons needed

To pass the riding theory test Singapore, you'll need to have a few lessons to get prepared. The test is made up of three compulsory lessons. The lessons are evaluated and you must pass them with a minimum score of 45/50. There are limited slots for the test, and you will need to book them well in advance.

Before taking the test, you'll need to take Basic Theory classes. The lessons are designed to refresh your knowledge of the material and help you identify mistakes. It's best to take one practice session a day before the actual test. Otherwise, you'll be mentally drained answering the same questions two times, which isn't very effective.

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